oein portable wireless digital car air compressor


This 12V 120W handheld USB rechargeable cordless tire inflator pump is a must have for cars motorcycles. When trouble arises with your tier pressure you’ll be ready to get back on the move quickly.

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Product Specification
Input Voltage:AC-100-240V
Maximum pressure: 150 PSI
Battery capacity: 2200MAH
Inflation speed:0.7CFM (20L/min)
Max Pressure:150PSI
Charging Time:3 hours
Discharge Time:30 minutes
Operation temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Automatic stop and prevent over filling.
Quick and easy to use.

[LARGE BATTERY]: The 2200 mAh lithium Battery can be turned on rapidly and inflates tires quickly.Full charging takes about 3 hours,it can been use for about 30min. With full charging ,can inflate 4*car tires, 10*motorcycle tires or 25*bicycle tires.
[MULTIPLE USES]:QIAJUNKIU Air compressor can Inflate tires on cars, bikes,sedan and midsize SUV.different adaptors can use for balls,air mattresses,swimming rings,air cushions,water toys and other inflatables.DOES NOT SUPPORT LT, HT and Truck Tires.Full inflation of an empty car tires about 8 minutes,bicycle tire takes about 3 minutes, motorcycle tires about 4 minutes.
[LED LIGHT]: The Air Pump is equipped with bright and long-lasting LED lights, allow easy operation or making quick repairs in the dark or in night.
[LCD DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGE]: The digital pressure gauge is Easy-to-read.you can change the unit of measurement of pressure between PSI, BAR, KPA and KG / CM2 by “UNIT” button , and “+” or “-” to add or subtract numerical values. Maximum inflatable pressure is 150psi,just preset the tire pressure to what your needs and it will stop automatically when reaches the desired pressure you set.

Package includes:
1 x Air Compressor
1 x Air hose
3 xNozzle Adapters
1 x cable
1 x User Manual

Wide Use:
Our Air Compressor Pump comes with multiple different nozzle attachments,making it perfect not only for cars,
but also for motorcycles,bicycles,ATVs,Jeeps,sports balls,air mattresses ,water toys and so on.

How to use:
1.Connect the inflation tube pump inflation inlet,make sure that are tightly connected.
2.Turn the air tap to tire valve core.It available for using directly when air pump has stored power.
3.Press “R” to switch unit,and press “+” or “-” to addor subtract,Open the safelock buckle,and This pump inflation can automatically stops at the pressure numerical values.
4.Please turn off the switch and unscrewgas tube when finish inflation.

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